I am incredibly blessed to earn a full-time living from my writing. I stop for a few seconds nearly every day and shake my head in amazement that I get paid to make stuff up. Okay, it’s way more complicated than that, but when you boil it down… that’s it. I get paid to make stuff up. That’s incredible and I’m incredibly thankful.

One theme you’ll notice as I get into future posts is that I have a low tolerance for BS, especially when it comes to indie writers and “artists” in general. One example is that folks who work in the creative field often use what I consider to be an excuse when they talk about how they can’t work because of their “creative juices” or the like.

Man. What a load of crap. If you’re an indie writer and you’re making enough money to write full time and you’re complaining about creative juices then you need to buck up. We writers get to sit on our rear ends thinking of outlandish tales of fun and fancy and we¬†get paid for it. Right now, on my other screen, I’m in the midst of describing an underground tunnel below one of my story’s main character’s house that they’re going to be using throughout the rest of the series. Later this afternoon I’m going to be working on a book about wizards and vampires and magic before working on the background story for a military sci-fi series.

Most people don’t get to do that, and if you’re blessed enough to do it and you complain about it, try talking to someone who puts sweat into their work every day instead of sitting in front of a computer screen. Try talking to a plumber or a construction worker or an electrician. They make good money but they have to sweat and labor for it. The most we writers have to worry about is a bad review or Amazon paying us a day late.

Okay, yes, there’s a lot of hyperbole and a little bit of exaggeration above, but my point stands. Full-time writers make stuff up. For a living. Stop bitching and go make stuff up. When you’re doing with your story, then you can complain about the other side of it (the marketing side) which is a headache a lot of the time and requires a lot of work. You still get to sit in front of a computer screen in the air conditioning (unless you’re a¬†masochist) and do it.