A new series: Drake



A couple weeks ago, I teased the cover for a new series (Drake: An Oral History of the Dragon War) on Facebook, and I’m glad to announce that it’ll be published within the next week. The first book in this 5-book series was sent off for editing two days ago, and I’m really excited to be getting this new idea out and published. Drake can be best described as “World War Z minus zombies plus dragons,” in that instead of the world being ravaged by zombies or nanobots, an ancient collection of species that our ancestors called dragons reappears to wreak havoc across the world.

The first book, “Emergence,” will take a look at the first days and weeks of the war, and set the stage for the next four books to follow. All five books in the series will be priced at $0.99, and will be approximately 25k words in length, for a moderately fast, enjoyable read on par with what you got from the episodes of Final Dawn. The five books in the series are titled “Emergence,” “War,” “Annihilation,” “Turning Point” and “Endgame” and the series will start with Emergence, which I’m expecting to go live on Amazon next week (the week of March 17th). There will, of course, be a paperback and digital copy of all five books put together once all five have been published, though that’s still a ways out.

I originally had the idea for Drake around the same time as Final Dawn, but in a coin-flip type of decision, I decided to write and publish Final Dawn first instead of Drake. After finishing Final Dawn and Cold Springs, I’ve been working on the next book set in the same universe as Cold Springs, but the new format (first-person perspective rather than third) has been taking me a lot longer to get sorted than I’d like. After beating my head against the wall for a while, I decided to work on another project for a while first, then go back to Pendlebaum, and then lo and behold, Drake reappeared. I’m still working on the next Pendlebaum book, though I’m finding that taking a short break from it is helping, and I expect that once I get back to it, I’ll be able to get it done much faster than if I had continued to just beat my head against the wall.

I’ll post another announcement on Facebook (www.facebook.com/mikekrausbooks) once Emergence is live, and I hope that you all will enjoy it!

Another Monday Update!

Hi everyone! It sure doesn’t feel like fall down here where I’m at, but I’m hoping that’ll change soon. I’m getting tired of this heat!

To start off today, I wanted to let you know that the issue with linking the paperback and eBook versions of Final Dawn: Season 3 has been fixed! You can now find both versions on the same page, as it should be. The issue was related to the fact that I neglected to add a colon in the official title of the paperback version, so the two versions didn’t link automatically. Unfortunately, whoever corrected the issue on Amazon/CreateSpace’s side put a comma in the title of the paperback version instead of a colon. Oh well, at least the underlying major issue’s been resolved!

I finally have a proof of Prip’Yat: The Beast of Chernobyl that I like (yay!) and the paperback should be available to purchase on Amazon sometime this week. It is linked correctly (huzzah) as I can already see the start of the linking, but it’ll probably take a couple more days for it to come available. It’s a short (120 pages) little paperback, so I priced it as low as possible on CreateSpace’s side so you can have a physical copy if you’re interested. I don’t know why I didn’t make a physical copy available to begin with, but hey, it’s out there now (or will be in a few days, at least).

Lastly, Cold Springs is so incredibly close to being finished and sent off to my editor it’s not even funny. My writing on it has really slowed down in the last week as I’ve been honing in on the ending sequence. Those seem to take the longest for me to get written, probably because I want to make sure I do justice to the rest of the book.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back next week with another update!

Your Monday Update!

Hey everyone! This week’s update is text-only, but I have a few things to share that should more than make up for it.


First off, Final Dawn Season 3 is available in paperback format here. I’m not sure why it’s not linked on the eBook page, but I’ll be figuring that out this week after the holiday is over.


Last week I took a few hours and created a paperback copy of Prip’Yat: The Beast of Chernobyl and am currently awaiting the proof for that, which should arrive sometime this week. Once that looks good, I’ll be putting that up on Amazon as well! I really love the look of it in paperback; it’s short, but it looks nice and the cover (in my opinion) is awesome. Once I get a proof I’m happy with, I’ll put a picture of that up and update everyone when it’s available.


On the new book front, Cold Springs is coming along fabulously. In addition to adding new content, I’ve been tweaking some of the earlier parts that I wrote as well. Some very light editing has been going on, as well as more details about the town, the characters and so forth. It’s definitely fast-paced, and I’m hoping that the intro sequence will be particularly enthralling. I may be releasing a sneak peek of that before the book is published, but due to its content/context, I might opt for releasing a few pages from later in the book instead. I’m definitely still on track for an end of September release date, which is good because we’re already past the first of the month!

Judith Grimsley & Female Lead Characters

Judith Grimsley & Female Lead Characters

Hi everyone! In today’s update, I wanted to give you a bit more of a peek at Judith Grimsley, one of the main characters of my upcoming book Cold Springs. Before that, though, I also wanted to let you know that the paperback version of Final Dawn Season 3 has finally made it through Createspace’s internal processes and should be available on Amazon this week. So far the reception I’ve seen to Season 3 has been positive, with a few folks saying that they wished it had been longer. I definitely agree that I wish it could have been longer, but decided in the end that stretching the story out beyond what it needed to be would have been a mistake, as hard as that is to say.

Looking forward to other books, I wanted to take a look at one of the main characters in my next book, Cold Springs. Judith Grimsley is not only one of the main characters of Cold Springs, but she’s the main character as well, and will be playing a role in future books set in the Artifact Securement Agency (ASA) universe as well. Because of this, I’ve spent a lot of time crafting her character to be both strong and flawed, much like you saw in Rachel Walsh, one of the four survivors in Final Dawn.

I never really started out with a deliberate plan to have female main characters (or male ones, either) in my books, but once I got to the quarter way mark in Cold Springs, I suddenly realized that “Hey, my main character’s a woman again. What’s up with that?” It’s definitely not something I planned for any particular reason, but it feels natural to have a strong female lead, again, like you saw in Final Dawn. While Leonard and Marcus were heavy hitters in the story and Nancy didn’t fade into the background either, I think Rachel really stole the show, which is interesting since I recall my original favorite character being Leonard, though that gradually changed to be Rachel as I got further into the story.

In Cold Springs, Judith’s history and role as a newcomer in the small town both play heavily into the story, though I’m finding that I have to be cautious not to allow her character to become too one-sided. Introducing mystery and hints at her past that might not be explored until well in the future is tough to do, since I’m risking making her seem too mysterious to be interesting. Too much reveal of her character right up front is bad too, though, since it means there’s not a lot of wiggle room down the road to do interesting things that I might not think of until I’m working on a new book in the future.

What’s certain, though, is that what happens to Dr. Grimsley in Cold Springs will profoundly change her in both good ways and bad. But even the bad ways won’t be all negative, as they’ll give her the opportunity to rise to the challenges set before her and do more than she ever thought possible.


Cold Springs & The Artifact Securement Agency

Cold Springs & The Artifact Securement Agency

Hey everyone! With Final Dawn Season 3 out in eBook form and the paperback soon to follow, I’ve got a really exciting announcement today concerning a new series of books that will be coming this Fall.


With a planned release time starting at the end of September, these books will be set in a brand new universe that I’ve spent the last several months constructing and fleshing out. This universe is large enough that, for the foreseeable future, many of the novels I’ll be writing will be at least tangentially connected to it. The first book set in this universe is called Cold Springs, and will be a standalone novel that will run around 250-300 pages in length. Cold Springs is set in a small town tucked away in the Colorado Rockies, and concerns a battle with something dark that threatens to swallow the world. Like Final Dawn, Cold Springs will be a fast-paced adventure/thriller, with a touch of horror thrown in for good measure. By the end of the book, you’ll come to know Judith Grimsley quite well, and she’ll be playing an important role in future books set in this universe.



Click for a full-size version of this cover


So what’s the new universe all about? If you’re a fan of Warehouse 13 and the Dresden Files, think of this universe as a mixture of those, the X-Files and a dash of Final Dawn for seasoning. You may have noticed that under the title of Cold Springs sits the subheading “From the Files of the Artifact Securement Agency.” The ASA’s role in securing “artifacts” is something that I’ll be revealing more about in future updates and books.


Speaking of future updates, I’ll be releasing more details about Cold Springs and other books set in the ASA universe, as well as more information about a certain main character in the universe who will be central to many of the books I have planned. These updates are planned for every Monday, starting today, with additional ones coming along as I have additional information to share. For now, I hope you’re all as excited as I am about these new books. This is truly a quantum leap forward from Final Dawn in terms of storytelling and potential and I’m really looking forward to sharing the universe with you.


Until next time, stay safe, and beware what lurks below.


Final Dawn: Season 3 has been released!

Final Dawn: Season 3 has been released!

The Kindle version of Final Dawn: Season 3 has been released and is available to purchase on Amazon today! The paperback version will be coming in the next 1-2 weeks, as it requires some additional formatting, proofing and finalizing before it’s available for purchase.